Dr Max Lowenstein

Dr Max Lowenstein is a law academic, who has autistic spectrum condition, generalized anxiety disorder and depression. He openly acknowledges them to all and passionately works with others to help remove mental health stigma and educate

Max is an advocate for accessible and inclusive disability services and his legal expertise assists autistic people with employment, educational and publishing enquiries. His consultancy also promotes equality & diversity rights in the UK and globally for all.

Mr Anthony Mathieson

Anthony ‘Tony’ Mathieson has been involved with AfA from the outset. After witnessing Elaine’s personal plight over the years, he didn’t need convincing about AfA and avowed to assist her. He fully believes in, and is behind, what AfA stands for.

Tony is a carpenter by trade and uses his carpentry skills to help with all things construction/maintenance at AfA. He has also been responsible for the Asperger men’s social group, and he completed a basic counselling skills course which has helped him with this.

Ms Sonia Owen

Sonia Owen is a psychology graduate (BSc (Hons) Psychology and Counselling) and graduate member of the British Psychological Society (BPS).

Sonia has diagnoses of Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, depression and generalised anxiety. As someone living with these conditions, who has dealt with some difficult issues with the help of counselling from AfA, she knows the importance of specialist help and is highly passionate about AfA’s objectives and invested in being a part of helping them to continue.

Ms Jane Letts

Jane Letts is from a farming family, and she often helped out on the farm – from driving tractors to doing the farm accounts. Jane studied Law at UEA, Norwich, and qualified as a legal executive. She has worked for local law firms.

From personal experience, Jane has much knowledge and understanding of autism and the difficulties it can present (e.g., obtaining employment/stress/sensory challenges/communication difficulties).  Her desire is to help others affected by autism-related challenges.

Mr Steve Watkins

Steve Watkins is passionate about promoting and supporting neurodiversity. He works as a manager within the public sector with experience of managing people, budgets and projects which he brings to his role as Trustee. He has been involved with AfA for a number of years and says that he strongly believes AfA provides vital support to people with ASD/ADHD and he is proud to be able to help in this important work.

Mr Anthony Hall

Anthony Hall is currently working as a Residential Property Manager. He has experience and qualifications in Electrical Installation and Maintenance, AAT Accounts and Payroll, Massage Therapy, Occupational Health and Safety, Fire Safety and Risk Management, and Building and Facilities Management.

After a late Asperger’s Syndrome diagnosis, he became a trustee of Action for Asperger’s and as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses is happy to offer help and advice to AfA counsellors who may be helping JW clients.