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Social Media

So many people now have a presence on social media of some kind that it is a great platform for getting the word out about your event. Some of the most popular social media sites and apps are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp and TikTok. There are a multitude of tools within these that you can use to maximise your fundraising:

Facebook fundraising

Facebook offers the option of creating a fundraising page on there should you wish. There are more details on this in our ‘Online Fundraising Pages’ section.

Making use of your profile

  • Add your fundraising link to your bios.
  • Update your profile pictures and cover photos to reflect what you are doing.

Making posts

  • Create a post telling people what you are doing for us and why.
  • Share the link to your fundraising page and encourage people to donate. You can shorten the link by visiting you can shorten the link by visiting ly which can be useful for Twitter.
  • Regularly create posts in the run-up to your challenge or event to update people of your progress. Hit a training target? Tell people! Reached 50% of your donation target? Spread the word and encourage others to get donating to raise it even more.
  • Create posts during your event or challenge to show people how it’s going.·           

 Add a ‘Donate’ button to your Facebook story or post

Videos and Live Streaming

  • Live stream a training session in the run up to your challenge. 
  • Interview someone who has benefitted from Action for Asperger’s services or a representative from Action for Asperger’s about how the money will make a difference. You could live stream the interview or alternatively you could video it and upload the video to your social media. 
  • Live stream from the challenge or event to show people how it’s going.