Scotland Outreach Counselling


We are so pleased to have finally reached out to our Scottish clients in this way.  Our counsellor, Tracy Clark, can see clients from her base in Hillington, Glasgow, and promises a complete understanding of autism/autism spectrum/Asperger’s syndrome alongside giving YOU, the client, empathetic and unconditional positive regard in abundance.

Tracy can see you if you are aged 3-100 years of age and have autism of any variant; whether formally diagnosed, or simply even suspected.  To make an appointment to see Tracy, please email our main headquarters: [email protected] or ring 01536 266681. Tracy is also available for remote counselling consultations via the medium that is Skype.

 Tracy Clark, AfA Scotland Facilitator & Counsellor

A snapshot of an area of the counselling space. Toys and fiddle boxes are also available to aid engagement and concentration:-