Scotland Autism Counselling

Action For Asperger’s outreach surgery in Scotland is now open. From her practise in Hillington, Glasgow, Tracy Clark will be providing the counselling sessions. Tracy is very experienced with autism, having it be both a profession as well as personal interest experiencing it first hand with her son. This allows her to be able to understand autism/ autism spectrum/ Asperger’s syndrome fully and give you a tailored and empathetic session.

It doesn’t matter whether our autism is formally diagnosed or even just suspected, if you are aged between 3-100, Tracy can see you. To make an appointment with Tracy, please contact our main headquarters via email: [email protected] or phone call on: 01536 266681. If the distance to the practise is an issue, Tracy is available for remote sessions using Skype.

 Tracy Clark, AfA Scotland Counsellor

A snapshot of an area of the counselling space. Toys and fiddle boxes are also available to aid engagement and concentration:-

Tracy Clark will be a speaker at the following event later in the year: