How Does Action For Asperger’s Work

Action for Asperger’s works by offering the following:~

Regular confidential counselling sessions on a short or long-term basis according to individual needs.


Advocacy and general advice on autism and Asperger’s Syndrome per-se.


A one-off emotional support service for ‘flare-up’ situations and experiences.


Text facility: 0777 380 1506


Private messaging via our Facebook page ‘Action for Asperger’s’.


A confidential email support service. Write to: [email protected]


Where the client is unable to attend face-to-face with a counsellor, SKYPE or Apple Facetime is available. We have the following Skype addresses:

Chrissy’s address is:  chrissy.nikel1

Elaine’s address is: elaine.nicholson14

Other skype handles are available upon request for other workers.

One-on-one counselling will occur mainly at our offices/consulting rooms in Corby, Northamptonshire. An outreach service may be available depending on individual circumstances.

We also do counselling and assessment work in schools/colleges and a variety of other organisations.