Diagnostic/Assessment Service

Do you think you may have Asperger’s Syndrome (autism)?

An assessment and diagnostic service for autism is available through the founder of the charity, Elaine Nicholson, and her private practice  www.elainenicholsonmbe.co.uk.  

Elaine holds a Masters degree in Autism and a PGC in Asperger’s Syndrome. Elaine is also a qualified counsellor who has experience of counselling over 4,000* Asperger/autistic personalities through her counselling career to date. Elaine has also acted (still acts) as a second clinician in ADI-R and ADOS diagnostic processes.

Elaine works closely with Dr Gaylor, Chartered Clinical Psychologist mainly, though has close connections with other senior clinicians working in this field. Together, Elaine and Miranda produce diagnostic work that is robust and well-evidenced according to NICE standards and guidelines. Moreover, once diagnosed, the client is guaranteed counselling support through actionforaspergers.org, the charity that Elaine founded.