PLEASE NOTE : This is not a crisis service . If you are in crisis seeking immediate support, contact The Samaritans on T: 116123

Counselling for close others

Action for Asperger’s counsellors also counsel those persons who are in a close relationship with an individual with autism/Asperger’s syndrome. Such individuals could include (but is not limited to) parents, siblings, grandparents and close friends.

Living with autism/Asperger’s syndrome can be tough at times but, for those who are nearest and dearest to the autistic/Aspergeic individual, it can also be tough trying to navigate the journey whilst trying to do your best for your loved one – regardless of whether you, yourself, are neurodiverse or neurotypical.

A neurotypical is anyone who has a typical neurological profile. Neurotypicals account for the majority in the population wherever you are in the world, and yet while it is pleasing to be understood by the mass populous in the wider world, in the home environment, lack of understanding of you, your language, your behaviours and your motives may feature in your day-to-day existence and create upset and disharmony on a regular basis.

We are all different, so even if you and your loved one are both neurodiverse, it’s very possible you may still feel some misunderstanding and experience some level of disharmony in trying to navigate your paths together.

Action for Asperger’s counsellors can help you by listening to you and understanding your experience from your perspective.