Asperger Marriage / Relationship Counselling

asperger-marriage-counsellingLove is a big part of life, and if you find that your partner or spouse is frequently ‘not on the same page’ as you, and as a consequence tensions arise, then it is likely that you have neurological profiles that do not match i.e. one of you may have Asperger’s syndrome while the other may be non-autistic/neurologically typical, if this sounds familiar, then it may be that you and your partner should look into Asperger marriage counselling/ autism marriage counselling.

It may be wise to speak with someone who can help guide the relationship through a potential rough patch and help to clarify any confusion either partner may be experiencing. It is important to speak to a counsellor that understands Asperger’s syndrome and has plenty of experience of counselling individuals from Asperger-neurotypical intimate relationships.

Our counsellors either have an additional qualification in autism/Asperger syndrome on top of their base counselling qualification, or they have a strong experiential history of working with/living with autism this makes them highly skilled for Asperger marriage counselling. Some of our counsellors will have both academic and experiential autism/Asperger’s syndrome knowledge. Please go to our ‘Psychologists, Counsellors and other professionals’ page to view our counsellors’ profiles.


It is important to build up an understanding between the two existences, living with Asperger’s syndrome and living without the condition. Someone with Asperger’s syndrome may see their partner as irrational or illogical, while a neurologically typical individual may see their Asperger’s syndrome partner as being malevolent or stubborn; these descriptors of mind states however can be far from the truth but are still important to pick up on. As counsellors, we would hope to shine a torchlight on the relationship that is being reported, and proffer clarity and wisdom so to help guide clients towards more satisfactory, happier and improved lifestyles.

Please note that counsellors Jane Hamilton, Elaine Nicholson, Janine Houghton, Gail Wright and Debbie King are all experts by experience in this field in addition to being qualified counsellors.