Client Representative



Sonia Owen

Sonia is presently studying for a bachelors degree in psychology. She is also the ‘guru’ for our Facebook page, and has a particular talent for creating inspiring posters concerning autism/Asperger’s per se!

Sonia was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome at the age of 26. She believes that the female Asperger’s experience is very different to the male Asperger’s experience, and she thinks of herself as someone who has always been someone who has been internalised and hidden from her difficulties – hence her being seen as shy and withdrawn by others and slipping under the radar for so long. She had hoped that her diagnosis would have helped to change things for her, in the sense of being able to access more support to help her adjust to the diagnosis, and to learn what it meant to her personally. However despite receiving support in other areas of her life, she thought that nothing really changed with regards to support with her Asperger’s syndrome, and she became very frustrated and angry because she had been given a diagnosis without any support in dealing with it. Sonia says: I contacted AfA because I felt lost and I was really struggling to understand who I am. The expertise and understanding that Elaine offers has helped me no end in starting to understand myself and what Asperger’s syndrome means for me. I found that having someone with personal experience of Asperger’s syndrome to talk to was a great comfort because you know they will have understanding and won’t judge you. As a result of my own experiences with AfA, I would like to be able to assist others in a similar way. I am happy to answer any questions about the AfA service. I can be contacted via email at: s[email protected]