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Action for Asperger’s provides autism-specialist counselling to those who live with or alongside Asperger’s syndrome/autism and who are struggling and in need of help, with counsellors who have additional experience (either personally or professionally) and/or additional qualifications in autism.

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We are an award winning charity that started life in 2008, spearheading the concept of neurodiverse counselling therapy to those who need it and also to the therapeutic community – who have needed to know about it – ever since. 

We can help with individual counselling for those with autism/Asperger’s syndrome, relationship counselling where one or both partners has autism/Asperger’s syndrome, and/or counselling for close others – whether neurodiverse or neurotypical.

To learn more about Action for Asperger’s services and how to access them, including details of rates for our services, please visit our ‘About Action for Asperger’s’ page:

You can also check out our team of counsellors, student counsellors and emotional support workers, along with more information about the different types of counselling we can offer, in the ‘Services & Support’ menu.

For up-to-the-moment news concerning AfA, please check out  our ‘events/news‘ section, ‘like’ our Facebook page or ‘follow’ us on Twitter.

Oliver's Journey

Oliver explains why he contacted Action for Asperger’s.

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